Handelspand in Marbella Te Koop


Handelspand in Marbella

The building with a total area of 3’800 –m² laid out over two floors, the executive level, semi-basement and basement-garage it was finished in June 2002 that was the date of its opening.

All the used materials have been selected by the owners and they have chosen the highest quality, this is why for example the façade stands out due to its natural colour marble stone colour. All the windows at the clinic are made of white aluminium with double thermal bridge, dyed antithermic glasses and a glass curtain wall with dark glass soundproof on its façade, enhancing the look due to the mixture of its pillars and the neoclassical capital with a modernist touch.

Together with all that, also the beautiful garden surrounding it, is worth mentioning, it is well kept with beautiful fountains, exotic trees and plants with multicoloured flowers. On the one side of the garden there is the heated dynamic swimming pool with jacuzzi.


It is a four story building, namely:
• There are 15 rooms on the first floor laid out in 2 big “suites”, 8 double rooms for those patients who wish to be with accompanied and 5 single rooms. All of which are fitted with a toilet, satellite television, DVD, oxygen and vacuum inlet a stereo equipment ,refrigerator, safe, piped music, internet connection, air conditioning and all the other characteristic comforts of its category in order for the patient to enjoy his stay. A wound room and a office.
• The ground floor where we find the main entrance is laid out as follows:

o Entrance hall
o 2 Receptions a main reception and one in the back.
o 2 Waiting rooms, one bigger than the other though both furnished and stylishly decorated
o A conference room that can hold up to one hundred people fitted with all the necessary audiovisual means to broadcast videoconferences with digital cameras that are installed in the operating theaters.
o 7 Doctor’s offices, 2 Head offices, 3 customer care offices, 4 wound rooms, 3 toilets (one for physically handicapped).
o 1 office for photographs.
o 1 Patient’s archive.
o 1 Office and a small storage room.

• The semi-basement is laid out as follows:

o 1 dining room with top quality decoration.
o 1 perfectly fitted kitchen with a larder.
o 1 dining room for the staff with a refrigerator room of approximately 10m².
o 3 rooms, one for the hot water storage tank run on gas oil and solar panels, one with the hermetic and compressed air chambers and a third one with the oxygen cylinders.
o 1 Spa consisting of : 1 study, 2 massage booths for facial and body treatments, LPG booth, 1 relax booth Nuvola, a booth with pressurized water streams, 1 booth with hydro massage bathtub,
1 booth for manicure and pedicure, chocolate therapy, hot stone massage, 1 booth for hydro- colon cleansing and two toilets. The rest of the Spa is in the garden and has a heated dynamic pool with a Jacuzzi.
o 2 Doctor’s offices.
o 1 room for the computer equipment, electricity and control panel for the operating room.
o 1 wardrobe for the male and female staff with booths, toilets and showers.
o 2 small auxiliary studies.
o 1 study for the graphic design.
o 1 laundry and linen department ( the clothes are washed inside the clinic).
o 1 Administration office for four people.
o 1 dirty corridor to exit the two operating theaters with a room to clean the set of instruments.
o 2 operating theaters totally fitted with the most modern and extensive means (assembled and installed by Dräger, the walls are coated with Silestone )
o 1 Operating theatre for the outpatients
o 1 Recovered room with three beds. (assembled and installed by Dräger. 1
o Changing room for the outpatients with a rest room.
o 1 preoperative room with hydro-pneumatic doors installed by Dräger, installation, computing and walls coated with Silestone.
o 1 room for sterilization
o 1 storage room for surgical instruments in a clean area.
o 1 meeting room for surgeons
o 1 room for doctors on duty
o 1 wardrobe for surgeons
o On the outside of the clinic there is a storage room of approximately 100m² where the generating set of 180 KW is located together with three gas oil tanks.
There is another storage room of about 20m² for the waste.

• The basement
o On this floor there is a garage with 15 parking spaces. To access to it you have to go round the clinic, this way it is separated from the main entrance and this will give the clients privacy if they desire it.
o There is a fitness room with parquet floor and various machines for those patients who wish to do some exercise during their stay.
o A storage room with pharmaceutical products
o A storage room with Molding Jeunesse products, a cosmetic line of the Molding Clinic.
o A storage room with stationery products and brochures
o A storage room with various goods
o A room for pressurized water streams and two cisterns one with running water and another for an anti- fire system they provide about 25m³ storage capacity.
o On the outside of the clinic there are 3 air conditioning machines,
two for the clinic and a separate one for the operating theaters.
o In the event of a breakdown of the air conditioning it can be interconnected with the pump at the clinic.

• General Notice
o On each floor there is a General Electric electrical panel with separate lines to each room, to each office and to each ward, in order to should there be a breakdown in any of the terminals of the line it could be fixed without cutting off the electricity in the other rooms.
o The many paintings also worth mentioning all from important firms in the world of modern painting.
o And due to the fact that we are talking about art , we should not ignore the handrails and the banister on the first floor, the stairs to enter the clinic and the main stairs designed by the famous sculptor David Marshall.
o The clinic has 16 cameras to its disposal to control the inside, offices, stairs etc. as well as on the outside, all of them connected to a computer and to the security company Lip twenty four hours a day.
o All the offices and operation thaters are connected to the main computer system, a server with its SAI. All the rooms have an Ackermann computer system installed, which makes it possible to check the patients telephone calls, the time gone by between the call and the attendance of the nurse to the room.


  • Type: Handelspand
  • Badkamers: 20
  • Slaapkamers: 15
  • Bewoonbaar: 3800 m2
  • Prijs: €14.000.000
  • Makelaarscode: X-RFU-K9Q
  • Ref: 4789620210718111640

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